How long is the retention phase?

After your braces are removed, you will enter the “retention phase” of your orthodontic treatment. This phases lasts a minimum of 6 months and is key to your final result. Following through with this phase is important to ensuring all the hard work you have put in is maintained.

Why is retention needed?

This phase of treatment allows for a majority of growth and settling to occur so that the teeth and jaws are as stable as possible.

What about lifetime retention?

While the first 6 months are critical to your treatment, living tissue is always subject to change due to posture, habits, muscle pressure, etc. Recent studies have indicated that teeth and jaws can shift at any time in varying degrees. The only way to maintain tooth alignment achieved during orthodontic treatment is with permanent lifetime retention. Continuing after the retention phase is complete and wearing a removable retainer 4-7 nights per week or having a lingual (permanent) retainer placed.

Today’s orthodontic advancements help ease the maintenance of your beautiful smile. Clear, lingual or regular retainers are available. Faithful wear of your retainers will ensure that you enjoy the long term benefit from your orthodontic treatment.

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