Effective brushing and flossing is one of the most critical actions a patient can take while in treatment. Failure to do this, can result in poor oral health and can compromise the result of your treatment. Regular visits to your general dentists for examinations and cleanings is also vital to the success of your braces.

How to Brush:

  • Use a soft or extra soft toothbrush
  • Start on the outside of the upper teeth and brush above and below the braces using a small circular motion
  • Angle toothbrush at a 45angle above the braces (near the gum) pointing downward toward the braces and wire. Repeat with the toothbrush below the braces angles up toward the braces and wire.
  • Brush the inside and top of teeth

How to Floss:

  • Insert one end of the floss through the small hole at the tip of the floss threader (provided by 307 Orthodontics) and pull it through
  • Hold one end of the floss against the threader
  • Insert the shaft (small hold threaded with floss) under the arch wire and in-between each bracket. Work the shaft and the floss carefully to remove plaque between your teeth as you would floss normally.

Appliances Matter

In addition to the braces and wires you will have during treatment, sometimes additional appliances such as rubber bands and retainers are asked to be worn to help move your teeth and jaws into their correct position. Failure to correctly wear these prescribed appliances can increase your treatment time or compromise your orthodontic results.

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