Adult Orthodontics, Kids Braces: Make 2015 The Year Of The Smile!

The Benefits of Your Amazing Smile.

It’s been proven time and again throughout history what amazing benefits smiling can have.  You may not typically think about smiling in this way but a smile can be a powerful tool.

  • Smiles can make you healthier: Smiling has been proven to immediately lower a persons blood pressure, heart rate, and even boost immunity. Endorphins produced when a person smiles can combat both stress and pain.
  • Smiles are contagious: Studies show that when you smile, 50% of people will smile back. One smile can create a wave that makes people more productive, interactive and satisfied in life.
  • Fake it till you make it: Studies also show that it doesn’t matter if that smile is real or fake, either way it will result in a positive mood feedback loop between the brain and body.
  • First impressions: Smiling has been proven to increase a persons attractiveness in anothers’ mind and can help lead to success in both personal and professional settings.

So, it isn’t always about having that movie star or supermodel smile. It’s about feeling confident and comfortable with your own healthy smile!

Get YOUR Smile On With These Fell-Good Facts!

Would You Like To Visit About Your Smile?

If you have ever felt self conscious about your smile, 307 Orthodontics is ready to chat with you and help you realize the benefits of smiling again! As your Wyoming Orthodontics Specialist, we understand restoring and maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile involves many considerations. It is our goal to always work together with our patients to provide the best solutions for their unique smile and circumstance.

From fun kids braces options, to top of the line adult orthodontics, we are your trusted resource for clear information and honest recommendations on how to make the world a better place with your smile in 2015!

Share your smile more in 2015 with 307 Orthodontics!




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